Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

Gupta Law Firm represents clients with back injuries.

Spinal cord injuries result from different types of accidents such as motor vehicle accidents.

Gupta Law Firm understands the support required for victims of spinal cord injuries.

Gupta Law Firm understands the uncertainty faced by families involved in spinal situations.

Gupta Law Firm understands the anxiety faced by these victims for things relating to discharge from the hospital, medical rehabilitation, paying for rent or mortgage, loss of wages for an injured person and family members, barriers and accessibility in-home, psychological trauma, and numerous of other concerns.

Gupta Law Firm helps people with serious spinal cord injuries to get connected to a future care planner.  

A spinal cord is made of thirty-three vertebrae.

A common type of spinal cord injury is paraplegia. In this situation, the spinal cord suffers injury below the cervical region.

The amount of paraplegia depends on the level where the spinal cord was injured.

Usually, injuries to the thoracic, lumbar, or sacral nerves cause paraplegia. This usually results in loss of sensation in the legs.

Injuries to the cervical spine may result in quadriplegia. In this situation the whole body below the neck has paralysis. In this situation all four limbs have paralysis. Quadriplegics usually have no control over their bodies. Quadriplegics usually have difficulty breathing and with many other organs. Quadriplegics usually require a ventilator to breathe.

Spinal cord injuries are usually categorized into two categories: complete and incomplete.

Spinal cord injuries are sometimes accompanied by paralysis and chronic pain.

It can lead to partial or complete paralysis of the legs and/or arms, as well as the loss of sensation in certain areas of the body, muscle spasms, pain, and loss of bowel and bladder control.

The degree of paralysis depends upon the level and the extent of injury to the spinal cord.

A complete spinal cord injury results in paralysis below the site of the injury. There is no feeling or voluntary movement. In complete spinal cord injury both sides of the body are affected equally.

An incomplete spinal cord injury occurs when only part of the cord is damaged through a tear, spinal cord compression or other injuries. People with incomplete injuries may experience partial paralysis. They may retain some feeling and voluntary movement.

Spinal cord injuries are usually more severe if it’s closer to the neck area.

Injury close to the neck can cause complete paralysis, which causes an inability to independently eat, breathe, and speak.  

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