Hit and Run Accident Injury Lawyer

Hit-and-Run Accident Injury Lawyer

When involved in a vehicle collision is it the drivers responsibility to stop and make sure everyone in the collision is alright, call an ambulance if needed and police.

However, if the driver involved in the collision drives off that is categorized as a “hit and run” case, which is illegal under the Highway Traffic Act.

Gupta Law Firm Professional Corporation aids in making sure that your voice is heard and compensation is made to you for damages caused by the negligence of other drivers. 

Contact Gupta Law Firm at 416-999-6665, if you have been seriously injured in a hit and run case. A lawyer, Sanjeev Gupta, will provide you with a free consultation at your home or the hospital. Gupta Law Firm will work on your case on a contingency basis, which means you don’t have to pay anything until you receive a settlement from the insurance company. The general maximum percentage of contingency fees that Gupta Law Firm charges is 33.33%.