Car Accident Injury Lawyer

Car Accident Injury Lawyer

Gupta Law Firm Professional Corporation handles all kinds of motor vehicle accident injuries.

Even if you were seriously injured in a single motor vehicle accident, Gupta Law Firm may be able to help you.

Individuals who were seriously injured in any type of motor vehicle collision, whether as a driver, pedestriancyclist or passenger, may also make an accident benefits claim.

Victims of accidents are usually faced with numerous of expenses such as: medical bills, personal support workers expenses, rehabilitation expenses, home modifications expenses, lost wages, and numerous of other expenses. 

Insurance companies often deny valid benefits claims. 

Book a free consultation with a lawyer, Sanjeev Gupta, at Gupta Law Firm Professional Corporation. Please bring the following documents to your free consultation: police accident report, medical reports, driver’s licence, detailed description of the accident, social insurance card, health card, insurance information, photographs of the accident, pay stubs, and receipts of all your out-of-pocket expenses.