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Divorce Lawyer

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Divorce Lawyer

Gupta Law Firm has extensive experience with different types of uncontested family law issues, including spousal support, child protection, child support, domestic contracts, custody and access, and divorce. When you need assistance for your family law concerns, it’s time to find a lawyer you can trust. Call GUPTA LAW FIRM today at 416-999-6665.

Divorce Lawyer

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In Ontario, a contested divorce is when the parties are not in an agreement. The parties are usually seeking different arrangements for division of property, spousal support, child support, and child custody. If the couple are prepared to negotiate then a contested divorce can be avoided. This process usually involves in creating a separation agreement before filing a divorce. Uncontested simple divorce or joint divorce usually take four to six months in Court. Contested divorce with other claims take six months to a few years. 

Divorce Lawyer

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Either spouse can initiate a divorce proceedings. 

Simple Divorce

Simple Divorce is when one party files a divorce with the only claim for Divorce. This is when the other spouse is not cooperative in signing the Joint Divorce. 

Joint Divorce

Joint Divorce is when both parties sign and file a divorce. Here both spouses are cooperative with each other. This process is much faster than the simple divorce. 

Grounds for Divorce

The grounds for divorce are: Separation for one year, or Adultery, or Cruelty.  

Service of Documents

Process Server in Toronto usually charge around $100.00 to serve documents within the GTA area. We will provide you with the copy of the invoice received from our process server. 

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